Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

Safe bariatric surgery is a crucial aspect of our approach.

This task is the shared responsibility of a team which includes the surgeon, anaesthetist and physician. All three specialists work to ensure that every patient is well prepared so that on the day of surgery all necessary steps have been completed.

Safe bariatric surgery commences with the initial consultations with the surgeon and physician so that a tailored program is developed. Sometimes, special tests may be required to further assess cardiac and respiratory function to ensure safe bariatric surgery.

At Darebin Weight Loss Surgery our primary focus is ensuring safe bariatric surgery.

Pre-existing medical problems are optimised and aspects that may impact on the anaesthetic are conveyed to the anaesthetist. For some patients, post-operative care may require higher levels of support in the high dependency unit.

Close monitoring and attention to detail by experienced experts ensures that all elements of care are well managed.

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