Why am I overweight?

by Obesity

Being overweight is not necessarily an indication of “excess nutrition”. Often it is an indication of poor physical fitness and increased health problems. Taking an active interest in keeping fit is probably more important than the weight itself.

Unfortunately many health issues accompany weight gain. These includes heart problems, sleep apnoea, diabetes, joint problems and self-confidence. It would be ideal not to develop these weight related health issues. Unfortunately most adults only seek help once the disease pattern is established, often with other weight related health problems.

Bariatric Surgery

I understand that it is not always possible for diet alone to work in the long-term. Therefore sustained weight loss needs a multi-factorial approach. It requires the individual to commit to life-long lifestyle adjustments. This commitment can only work if the individual is “happy”, “willing” and “motivated”.

Bariatric surgery is only a tool to help achieve health goals. The aim of the surgery is to reduce the energy consumed (food caloric intake) whilst trying to maintain or increase energy expenditure. It also tries to make the patient feel full after a small meal, thereby reducing the hunger drive to seek out more food.

The overall aim of any bariatric surgery is to ensure that individuals are “happy” and “realistic” about achieving their goals. It is not about making life miserable and depriving them of life’s pleasures but to ensure that such enjoyment is “balanced” and “realistic”.

By Mr Kiat Lim (Bariatric Surgeon)

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