Henk's Gastric Sleeve

Henk’s Gastric Sleeve

The Challenge

I gained weight throughout my educational years despite my active participation in sports. Eventually my life became sedentary with family commitments, work commitments and at one stage, unemployment.

I had tried various diets and eating plans. Whilst they worked at first, they never lasted and I ended up being bigger than when I started. So I knew that dieting would not be my solution.

The breaking point was in 2012 whereby I had severe osteo-arthritis. I was warned that I would need knee replacements within a year if I did not lose weight. I was only 48 years and my weight peaked at 195kgs. I could not walk without wheezing and I was shocked.

The Journey

After going through the seamless process with (****) I was optimsed for surgery. I managed to shed 15kg during this time and surgery was done in July 2013. After a 2 day recovery in hospital, I never looked back.

As the weight dropped, I increased my physical activity from walking to jogging short distances. I now weigh just over 100kg and I run about 4km every morning.

The sleeve gastrectomy was the best thing I could ever have done, and I wish I had done it years ago. I can eat anything I want, but in very small portions. If there is a big buffet to choose from, I can only sample a few dishes, so I have to choose carefully, that’s all.

Weight Lost kg


Body fat reduced

Years since surgery

Satisfaction Factor

Life is good!

Now I am fit and healthy

I am fit, and the healthiest I have been in over 20 years, and I love my life and my new body

Clothes that fit me!

It is just so wonderful to be normal, to be able to shop in any clothes store and know that there will be something that I like and that fits me. I went from 7XL to L (for shirts) in 18 months, and my pants size is down to 36” from 58”.


I found a new me

I have lost a whole person and found a new and improved one.

Henk's Gastric Sleeve

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