Jenny gastric sleeve before and after photo

Jen’s Gastric Band

The Challenge

Before surgery I was 160 kg but this was not the heaviest I had been, at my worst I probably topped the scales at 180 kg. People knew that I was overweight but a lot didn’t realise how much as I am quite tall (181cm or 5’ 11 1/2”).

I had also developed Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension as a result and was needing more and more medications especially for my Diabetes.

The Journey

On October 20th 2008 my life changed forever. That is the day I underwent Lapband surgery.

For the first year after my banding I relied on my band for all of my weight loss and then my weight loss stalled. Rather than getting my band adjusted, I decided to change other aspects of my life. I joined a gym, got a Personal Trainer and started working out regularly. I have had the band adjusted 3 times and continue to lose weight slowly. I use the band as a tool in my weight loss but don’t rely on it. Now some years down the track I weigh 120 kg and have about 25 kg to still lose to achieve my goal weight.

My diabetes is well controlled now that my blood sugars are within normal ranges and my blood pressure is great and well within normal range also.


Weight Lost kg


Body fat reduced

Years since surgery

Satisfaction Factor

l am eternally grateful!

Support and encouragement

All I can say in conclusion is that I will be eternally grateful to Mr Aly and his wonderful team for their ongoing support and encouragement.


Longer healthier life

I look forward to a longer, healthier and more productive life because of them (Darebin Weight Loss Surgery team).

Jenny's Gastric Sleeve Surgery results

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